What is Freestyle Burbage?

IMG_20141016_101814Freestyle Burbage is a celebration of our community and our creative spirit through ‘freestyle’ events like exhibitions, performances, displays, demonstrations, walks, talks and group activities.

For us, ‘freestyle’ is any artistic, creative or sporting activity where the participants are free to choose the techniques, style, medium or form they use.

As well as the strictly freestyle, Freestyle Burbage embraces activities and events which take place in Burbage and encourage a high level of participation and an exuberant celebration of the creative spirit.

Our principles and values

  • 100% accessibility for some or all activities
  • taking place across the whole parish of Burbage in Leicesterhire
  • not associated with any political or religious views

Features of Freestyle Burbage

  • low cost
  • high participation
  • minimal hierarchy / formal organisation / committee etc
  • low “professional” involvement
  • minimal “official” involvement (such as police, highways or council)
  • zero grant funding
  • sponsorship / backing via crowdfunding (or direct support such as services, venues etc)
  • ideas via crowdsourcing, using “creative commons” licences so anybody can turn them into events

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