New groups in Burbage

Now winter is creeping up on us it’s a good time to think about new groups and activities in Burbage.

fbpic01Freestyle Burbage aims to “celebrate our community and our creative spirit” so we try to encourage events and activities which are free (if possible), happen in the parish of Burbage (not just in the village), involve as many local people as possible, and are a bit different from anything already happening. We like to focus on people actually getting involved and doing things, without a lot of bureaucracy, committees etc, and not being passive audiences.

So, what are people interested in? Most groups can start small in people’s homes without too much organisation, and move to a bigger venue if necessary when they get bigger. Some ideas might be…

* marbles
* conkers
* Frisbee/dog Frisbee
* rounders
* street football
* walking football
* Parkour/freerunning
* geocaching
* scrabble
* knitting/crochet
* sewing
* book club
* writing
* storytelling
* play reading/acting
* debating
* philosophy

If you are interested in any of these, or anything else, please add a comment below or email mike@freestyleburbage.org.uk

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