25 Burbage people needed!

I’m looking for another 25 Burbage residents to work with me to make Freestyle Burbage more successful in 2017.

The aim of Freestyle Burbage is “to celebrate our community and our creative spirit“. We organise events, activities and groups all over the parish of Burbage.

Many people have contributed to our events but we need more people to play an active part, to think of ideas, to get sponsorship, to publicise events, to run events, to start groups and take on long-term projects like book exchange boxes and toy libraries.

I have taken on much of the work for what we have done so far but I will not be putting as much time into it after this year, so if we don’t get more people actively involved I don’t think Freestyle Burbage will continue.

Bug hunting in Burbage
Bug hunting in Burbage
Yarnbomb at St Catherine's Church Burbage
Yarnbomb at St Catherine’s Church Burbage

The events/projects we have organised this year have been:

  • Guerrilla poetry posters
  • Burbage Village litter pick
  • Love Burbage yarnbombing
  • Dawn Chorus Walk
  • Burbage Book Exchange free library
  • Spring plant swap
  • Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening
  • Jitty Bug Walk (twice)

And planned for the rest of this year…

  • Summer toy library
  • Twilight/bat walk in August
  • Autumn plant swap in October

Next year I would like to do even more, but I need more people like you to help. As well as our regular events I would like to run a series of activities on the theme of “Summer of Love 50” to “reaffirm the power of love, hope and optimism”. Some initial ideas are:

  • ‘Flowers in the Rain’ plant tubs in early spring
  • ‘Penny Lane’ jitty treasure hunt
  • ‘Strawberry Fields’ summer picnic
  • In the Sky with Diamonds’ kite workshop and festival
  • ‘Blackberry Way’ forage walk
  • ‘Morning Dew’ cobweb walk in autumn

We don’t have a committee or formal meetings, we just get on and make stuff happen in Burbage. If you’re interested in this or you have other ideas, and you want to be a part of the Freestyle Burbage project, please email