Weatherproof posters without plastic

I am often asked for our recipe for weatherproofing posters, tags and signs without using plastic. Most posters only need to last a couple of weeks but the plastic in laminated signs takes hundreds of years to break down. And they become brittle in sunlight so they are easily torn and become litter, usually leaving ugly plastic cable ties.

This is how I make posters weatherproof without using plastic. They last at least a month in winter weather and can be composted when finished with.

It’s about 10g of beeswax with 35g oil (best not to use nut oil), warmed and stirred while cooling. That amount will do dozens of posters.

You have to use a fairly heavy weight paper to be able to rub the wax on without crumpling it. Using more oil makes it easier to put on but too much makes the paper transparent.

I prefer to use raffia to fix them to posts, but I sometimes use reusable plastic-headed pins. I’ve tried wooden-headed pins but the heads tend to pull off when you remove them.

Making beeswax/oil for weatherproofing posters