Community project coordinators wanted

Could you organise a Freestyle Burbage activity?

Freestyle Burbage was set up to “celebrate our community and our creative spirit” and we organise free or low-cost events in Burbage.

We have achieved a lot this year but we can only keep the project going if more people get involved and help. So we are asking for coordinators to organise a whole range of activities and events such as…

Small one-off events like:
* a litter pick
* a walk

Bigger, more involved events like:
* a treasure hunt
* a plant swap

Ongoing projects like:
* a book swap box
* a series of yarn bombs

Freestyle Burbage is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, mobility or any other consideration. It would help if you live in Burbage but it’s not necessary. You need to share the Freestyle Burbage belief that all members of our community can contribute, and that community involvement is the most important measure of success.

Coordinators will find volunteers to carry out tasks, make contacts with other local groups and projects, publicise events and generally help make Freestyle Burbage events successful. These are voluntary roles but out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

Most of our publicity so far has been online and it will help if you use social media, but we also need to do a lot more to spread the word through personal contacts, posters, leaflets and local media.

We have no committee and no management structure. We are not recognised or supported by the parish or borough council and we don’t receive any grant funding, so we don’t have to dance to anyone’s tune.

If you would like to help, or to talk about it, please email or ask questions here.